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Brand Localization

Social Media Management

  • Facebook
  • X
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
Social Media - Weibo
Social Media - Wechat

Expertise and name-recognition in the academic and STEM markets


The Essentials

  • Facebook


  • X


The Essentials delivers account creation and content management for two of the most important author-facing platforms globally.


  • Instagram


  • YouTube


Visual+ brings our account creation and management to the two primary visual platforms worldwide.

China Representation

Accdon China Representation - Weibo


Accdon China Representation - Wechat

100,000+ followers


China Representation is a crucial package to get your brand in front of the largest, fastest-growing market in the research community.

Publisher Benchmark

  • Facebook
  • X
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
wechat square icon.png

Publisher Benchmark allows your organization to establish themselves across the standard suite of social media platforms and align with author expectations.



Chinese Language Microsite

  • Translation of your site and hosting on a .cn domain

  • Translating author guidelines and other docs

  • Search engine optimization for the most popular regional search engines

Microsite Development

Outside China

  • Conference curation and recommendation

  • Sponsorship curation, recommendation, and execution including design of promotional materials

  • Online hosting and management and of webinars via our proprietary streaming platform, Peeref

Inside China

  • In-person, Chinese language representation and feedback collection from attendees on your behalf

  • Exhibition design and distribution of Chinese language marketing materials

  • Local Chinese key opinion leader recruitment and seminar hosting

Conference, Seminar
Webinar Operations

Conference & Seminar

Marketing and Customer Support

Regional Email and Telemarketing

In-country, Chinese-language marketing staff can provide direct marketing via China-specific channels:

  • Targeted digital marketing campaigns via Chinese media channels

  • Calls for papers on popular Chinese researcher tools, websites and platforms

  • Drafting Chinese-language press releases

  • Chinese translation of marketing materials

Localized Customer Support

Via our localized offices in Boston, USA or Shanghai, China:

  • Effective management of incoming inquiries

  • Management and expansion of relationships with local libraries, institutions, and vendors

  • Generation of leads and customer account reports

Market & Customer
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